Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Compliments of the season !

Hi all,

Apologies for not posting much recently but I haven't had much time to devote to fractalling.

Anyway here's a Christmas card to one and all:

Those of you celebrating - don't over-indulge too much !!



Blogger Tim said...

Nice image, Dave. It reminds me of northern lights, like the view from the North Pole. I always thought fractals would be easy to present as Christmas cards; they have such an elegant, ornamental look so often.

Do you get snow where you are in the UK, or just rain?

12/19/2006 10:57 PM

Blogger David Makin said...

We only get snow in Colwyn Bay/Rhos-on-Sea when the weather's really "northern".
Actually where I live is a bit of a micro-climate as often they'll get snow on "Colwyn Heights" just inland and a couple of hundred feet higher but down near the coast we get snow much less often.
Because of the relatively mild climate there are a lot of retired folks living on the North Wales coast - it has been referred to as the "Costa Geriatrica". It's mild but not particularly dry :-)

12/20/2006 8:19 AM


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