Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paying a debt

There is a very interesting point to be observed on meat´s consume - which is the dominance of the male over the female. From early ages of mankind to hunt was an activity for males. They join together in gangs looking the earth around for something to kill. Men invented weapons and traps while women stood in their huts and caves doing something much more important - domestication of animals and plants for human consumption.

I have read somewhere that the greatest human invention ever was the hay. Why that? Because hay made possible to feed animals during winter time. Without the necessity to go outside looking for something to hunt and eat, the tribe or clan could stay "at home" inside their cavern. Probably it made possible to them start singing their stoned-age songs and telling their tales. Free time was another invention of the women.

The provision of proteins played a vital key on the evolution of mankind. And I wonder if it wasn´t a 100% female invention. For me the invention of the hay celebrates life rather than celebrates death. Until today humanity never prized women as much as they deserve for that. Still it is an open debt men have to women :-)

To produce something is more sophisticated than to kill something. To produce something you have to be a creator. To create is an outstanding female character. All that contrary men always have imposed the dominance of the warrior and the previleges of the destructor. Until today - except for Mr. Chips - there isn´t statues for professors - creative personalities. But are lots for warriors and generals - destructive personalities.

The representation of men in art shows it very well. Men are always proud and brave; women are always shown like suplicant or tender. We, men, want to keep it like that forever. It belongs to the concept of the patriarchal family.

Another point on the consume of animals is that it inducts the notion of objectification. Men have objectified animals just to take what they want from them and leave the rest out - leaving their death out. Men love to kill animals and love to produce images of dominance. Such is the politics of meat. It is very clear to understand how the politics of meat is also applied against women: meat being a symbol of male dominance proclaims the disempowering of women! Such a condition continues until today: at offices of every company women are supposed to make coffee.

The graphic work was done after Sprite image importer and processed on UF.
The stamp shape gives another dimention to an image - since is understood that stamps are remaining in the usual belongings of our society. The current status of stamps (and money bills also) is suposing a non-critical attitude wich artists must criticize, subvert and make unnusual as well filled with new meanings.


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