Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jack Grimm's Propeller

People interested in "Titanica" are probably aware that the wreck was found a few decades ago by Dr. Ballard. There have been many expeditions to the Titanic since, and many artifacts have been recovered. A footnote to the story is that before Ballard, a fellow named Jack Grimm had a go at locating the ship. The best he could do in reviewing his photos of the deep in the general area where the ship went down, was to say that he thought one of them showed a propeller. Had to be from the Titanic! Others were not convinced. Ballard went to Grimm's coordinates and found nothing. He was just being scientific. It only made sense to start his search from where Grimm had left off. What if Grimm really had found the ship? There would then be no need to search elsewhere. Thoughts of shattering Grimm's illusions never entered his head. That would be too... grim.


Blogger cruelanimal said...

I remember reading about Grimm.

He was dismissed at the time because he had also searched for legendary things like Bigfoot and Noah's Ark. But he also had crack scientists and designers working with him -- some of whom went on to design cutting edge underwater search equipment.

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