Monday, September 25, 2006

Look into my eyes !

Hi all !

Isn't my little devil cute ? :-)

Maybe I can seize the occasion to try to answer Mark's last post about what one find appealing in fractal images. My apologizes if all the examples are taken among my works... it's just that they're the ones I know best.

I like some images because they combine simple elements to produce something rich and unexpected, maybe like what makes a fugue of Bach appealing (at a different level, of course...). For instance this one, or this one. In some others, it's the apparent complete disorder which still yields a global structure (this one). I think these two categories can be classified as "abstract".

Sometimes, like in the image above or in this one, it's the appearance of a face or the sketch of an easily recognizable object, appearing from the random encounters of shapes and patterns. The feeling coming from such images is closer to the one I could have in front of some "ethnographic" art, like african masks. Another example which looks like a totem to me.

It can be that I like the general atmosphere produced by the image, like a summer day in this one, a river flow in this one, a starry night here or a kind of technological allegory in this one. This one always made me think to some fresco escaped from the Atlantid... Sometimes it's a mix of the last two reasons, like in this one, which always made me think to Christmas, with a kind of very primitive christmas tree in the middle, and the triangles combining sometimes to make stars.

Sometimes it's just a painty effect, or a play with light, like in this one.... Writing this little text made me realize that if they were abundant among my old images, I'm not so fond anymore of realistic objects with textures and shades.

Not sure if I was completely exhaustive, but the images I like almost always fall into one or several of these categories, no matter whether they are mine or not. About dreams I'm not so sure... my dreams are in general too concrete to be realized as fractals.

It would be interesting if other people recognize these categories, and if they have more to offer.


Blogger Philip Northover said...

Nice selection of images. I think you've got most of the categories well defined. Maybe restful/turbulent, photographic/non-photographic would be two others.

9/27/2006 8:48 AM

Blogger Tim said...

I guess visual imagery is hard to categorize. Just like books in a library, they fall into more than one meaningful grouping. I would agree with your categories, or the statement that what we like tends to consistently display a few favorite themes.

Some of my categories would be:
-vintage, faded color, painted engraving look
-techno, machine pattern, high contrast
-batik, cracked wax, worn, shards of color
-silkscreen, shifted printed, saturated color, simple design

Your geometric images like the Christmas one, are really excellent. Honestly, it looks like it could have been painted by Klimt.

And thanks for the guided tour of your work. I wish more artists would do this. It's always interesting to hear people talk about what they see in their work.

9/27/2006 2:22 PM

Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for both comments!

I wasn't so clear about this in my post, but I was interested in categories that would classify the subjective effect images create rather than classify the images themselves. Imho the categories you offered measure other parameters.

And I'd be also interested in "guided tours" by other artists !

10/01/2006 11:31 AM


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