Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Art School Confidential (Movie)

Yep, another movie review, no fractals in this one (unsurprisingly) but it does address art. I think this movie is worth watching. Actually, I've watched it twice, quite a compliment from me these days when I can barely get through most films once. Overall, it's a comedy, and where it works best is with non-verbal "sight gags" that lampoon art but are hard to say just why. You just start snickering and guffawing (That!). The verbal gags are mostly cynical and vulgar, with overmuch profanity (some would say, obscenity), which personally I could have done without. There is some, what is the phrase?, "brief nudity", though I've heard it said that the more nudity, the more art there is. So this movie would probably not be for people who are easily offended. The protagonist is well cast, and they had the sense to make the role naive and innocent, in contrast to the antics of those around him. The rest of the cast didn't stand out to me, with the exception of "grandpa", who only had a brief part but whose tone of voice, just bordering on gasped disbelief, upon being shown the art film he'd funded for his grandson, hit just the right harmonics. I say "overall" it's a comedy, because one part of the story involves a dark crime theme that is no laughing matter and of course the film does not present it as such. I just mention it in case anyone is expecting 100 percent laughs, there is some brutality in there.


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