Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The worst enemy

At the South hemisphere we are going to face the worst summer season of the last twenty years. Temperatures about 2º Celsius grades above the normal rate are expected. Normally at the summer in Rio de Janeiro we are dealing with temperatures of 40º Celsius (F 104º). Easily the temperature races up to F107º. From now on there is no limit anymore.

We have a law that restricts all activity in schools, industry and commerce when temperatures are going above of 40ºC - I would say that such a "restriction" has been applied only during the three days of Carnival - and not because of the high temperature. The reason is because we get nuts at that time!

It´s impossible to concentrate in real deep and valid questions. Can you imagine what sacrifice means to read Kant´s Critique of Pure Reason at a hot summer day in a tropical restless city? You´re loosing your time. Your brain simply does not go to function for that. And this is the true reason I´m writing such an idiot text like this one. Comments about weather and temperature are usually the most boring subject of conversation, aren´t?

Before I get exausted of my hard efforts to type something and you switch the blog, let me tell you an old joke where a guy walks into an astronomy lecture and listens to a professor talking about the fate of the Sun. "In a billion years" the professor says "our star, the Sun, will run out of fuel and die". The guy raises his hand and says, "How long did you say we had?" The professor repeats his billion-year prediction. "Whew," says the guy, "I was getting worried. I thought you said a million years!"

So, unfortunately we have a billion summers more. What a messy life!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Appreciation requires a certain level of comfort. I can remember a teacher covering Maslow's Need Hierarchy saying "it's hard to appreciate a beautiful sunset on an empty belly".

12/23/2006 12:52 PM


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