Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wassa Matta U???

What's the matter with us???
I just got done reading a thing in Science News that Heather Lamb sent
me where there is this big argument as to whether the paintings - and a
large found cache of them - of Jackson Pollock are "fractal".Here's a link -

The provocateur, a Ms Katherine Jones-Smith, (no relation to Ms
Nickle-Smut) and her accomplice, a mathematician aptly named "Harsh"
Mathur, claims that she can make random scribbles that display "fractal
dimensions" and that either her "work" is worthless or worth $40
million like Pollock's.

The article was summed up with the statement, "The difference between
math and art is not as great as people think," Farid says. "There is an
art to mathematics and a mathematics to art."

I Read the News Today...
(or, Whatta Mess)

I read thru and came up with the after-taste that basically "we know a
fractal when we see it". Apparently, fractals and what qualifies as one
are still a loosely defined science. She described Pollock's paintings
by exclaiming, "They look like a complete mess, as far as I'm
. A typically robo-human reaction to abstract and/or fractal art that I
am well familiar with, considering my line of work and the cultural
wasteland I call home. I'm probably a gross aberration within the
engineering community here...

Tribute to Guido
So then what, indeed, is the matter with our brains that we can look at
fractals or "fractal paintings" and SOMETHING speaks to us at a
visceral level and whispers, "coooooolllll", that a great many other
folks don't hear??? Are we mildy but harmlessly insane???

Cool as Jesus
Are we
"enlightened" and possibly channelling the creativity of God and we somehow, unconsciously "grok" the essence of the vibe of the forms of His Creation??? (Does that sound a bit over the top?) Does the math "speak to us" in some subliminal way?


Are some of us
possibly suffering from damage to our grey-matter inflicted by too much
indulgence in the drugs that were a rite of passage in our, for some,
distant youth???


Have we been evilly charmed and lost our souls in the miasma of some fractal
pergatory and in dire need of absolution and a working copy of Terragen??? (no disrespect to those who've mastered that program!)


As they say nowadays, Wassup wit dat??? Why are we so "down wit the sickness" of fractal art when many others aren't??? Are we illin' or are we chillin'? Are we hip or are we square? Are fractals really so "sick" or are we use an antiquated term....weird and they are a "complete mess"???? (Do I need to spend more time with my oldest nephew so as to get my modern, hip-hop slang straight?)

Why do we call it "art" when others just go "huh"? when they see a fractal. Is it just "elitist" to even ask these questions? (BTW - probably none of these pieces could pass the test as "fractals" but they're what I had on hand... :-)

BTW2 - this "dashboard" thingie is a bear to figure out. Hopefully I haven't got as many big gaps between things as my last shot at this...


Blogger Tim said...

Nice post, Rykk. Fresh and different. Quite a wide range of styles in the images, too. I really like the first one, it's got a strange, surreal quality to it.

There's a preview in the dashboard you can use when posting. I don't know why it throws in those extra lines.

2/24/2007 9:50 PM

Blogger Rykk said...

Thanks, Tim. Yeah, I figured out the extra lines but this time it decided to reformat everything below the first paragrapg left justified when I posted.

I'd been fighting that all the while I was putting everything together and they were all centered when I hit publish. Don't know why it was always trying to left justify...

2/24/2007 10:22 PM

Blogger Tresamie said...

I guess I have the sickness, lol! I have been captivated by fractals since the first moment I saw them, before I knew a single thing about them. I have never been good at math, and even though I can't do anything with formulae, I can use them in UF to make magic! You know the 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!'


2/25/2007 2:25 AM

Blogger Philip Northover said...

I've always liked how fractals can approximate non-computer made art.

Yep, some people can only perceive a mess. I'm reminded of a Leonardo da Vinci attribution - "three types of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see." :-)

I find blogger rather buggy. Publishing from preview mode has given me problems. After doing a preview, if I'm happy, I switch back to edit mode and then click publish. Not that I do much in the way of formatting anyway... ;-)

2/25/2007 12:19 PM

Blogger cruelanimal said...

I'm still trying to figure out if I'm illin' or chillin'. Is willin' an option?

2/25/2007 2:51 PM

Blogger Rykk said...

Sure, willin' is an option. Especially if you find fractals thrillin'......dinner was sho'nuff fillin'.......if I could can this stuff, I'd make a killin'.......too much sugar, the dentist is sho to be a'drillin'....

Welp, I gots ta bounce - gotta go beat mah sister's chillun'..... :-)

(don't ask ME - I just did the typin'...)

2/28/2007 9:33 PM


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