Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fractal UN

Am I the only one who likes to play "fast and loose" with other country's flags?? It started with the Israeli flag and has continued from there.

I present to you, in no particular order:


Star Spangled Banner

Ireland - Made for St Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day

The United Kingdom

Union Jack


Korean  Flag -  Fractal Version

New Zealand - My Home :)

New Zealand Flag


Japanese Flag


Chinese Flag


Israeli Fractal Flag

and finally, one of the flags that represents Maori (the native people of New Zealand).

Maori Flag

No doubt, more flags will be created before I get bored with this.


Blogger Tim said...

These are really great. The layering looks incredibly natural. The China one is particulary interesting because I guess the stars are entirely made from a flame. It would be neat to just make up some flags using whatever looks good. There's a lot of countries out there that could use a new flag design.

3/10/2007 12:41 PM


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