Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making of

I like the "making of" now present in almost all DVD. Sure, most of them are crap but some are very good. Sometimes the making of can be better than the main feature. Sometime , for never made movies, the making of has become the main feature like in the case of "Lost in La Mancha" the story of a disaster. Making of exist also for paintings and I remember having seen a wonderful documentary that shows Picasso composing a painting directly on the screen stroke by stroke.
Also seeing a rehearsal of a play can be sometime a lot more interesting that seeing the final result.

A good "making of" let's you enter in the mind of the author and see the creative process from inside.

This group of images is the "making of" of


Blogger cruelanimal said...

I also like "making of" features. I think Bruce Campbell's commentaries on the "Evil Dead" movies are actually better than the films.

This strikes me as something similar to what museum tour guides do -- sort of a "behind the scenes" peek as to how a given work of art came to be.

Sometimes, too, I think that is part of what this blog does for fractal art. It's more than just a gallery. It's also both an exploration and an explanation of the processes behind posted works.

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