Friday, March 16, 2007

Late Night Talk

Last Valentine's, there was a website that would generate a poem to give to your love. All you had to do was enter a name and press Go. I tried Josephine, and got

I felt the urge to put my feelings in writing
Because when I met you I was struck by lightning
Love is our connection
To you I dedicate all my affection

Josephine, you are unbelievably beautiful
For you I would risk dying in duel
I am not sure you will like my poem
At least this way my love for you becomes known

Josephine, you mean so much to me
Being with you, one plus one equals three
Ethernal bliss is where I'm bound
Together, everything will come round

I hope we make it, I hope it will be fast
I hope the moment forever lasts
This poem has come to an end
There are many more I would like to send

Ouch. I don't think Shakespeare has much to worry about. But yeah, the feeling of late night talk with someone, or the background murmur at a lively art cafe. You can tune in to all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Like the gamut of fractals from pristine to complete wreck. One of my favourite Ringo Starr quotes is, "I like my tracks with a bit of dirt on them". Another is, "you don't have to be first, just make sure you're not last!" Back off boogaloo.

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