Friday, April 27, 2007

A new planet for us?

The comments in the press around the discovery of the new planet are presuming there are life conditions in some way very similar to Earth. Despite the dimensions of the planet (5 times Earth’s size) which would make impossible for us to live and procreate there :-), I was smiling while reading the news. Not commenting about the distance from Earth – that would not be a problem since is believable that mankind will have the technology to travel spatial distances at light speed in about 100 or 150 years more - we could presume if the new planet has a civilization already established, we can’t just go there and conquer them.

Another point is that if the new planet could offer similar conditions of life to the ones of the Earth, will not be any reason for the mankind to save our devastated planet. Instead of that expensive and politically controversial decision, let’s just take a new one!! Such could be a strategy of our future. It’s not surprising how indulgent the press have been about that - saying that we could "move" from the Earth.

Such a presumption just opens another horrible possibility which is the reduction of investments for reconstruction of Earth’s devastated areas like oceans, lakes, rivers, deserts and intensively populated areas suffering of environmental degradation. I think a new ideology can be perceived in the interstices of the news about the discovery. And the ordinary people amazed with the adventure of space colonization will be ready and happy to assume such a possibility which is to abandon Earth and left it as it is for the poorest.

On another way, I’m very pleased to live on the Earth at this moment which I consider "historic" - mankind incorporating in the daily language the conquest of space on a level of consumption :-)


Blogger Philip Northover said...

An often overlooked point of physics is the time required to accelerate a spaceship carrying people to near the speed of light. It's about half a year, if you decide the most force the people can be subjected to is 2Gs (which personally, I would find unpleasant). Similarly, deceleration would need to commence about half a year ahead of arrival at the destination. Not quite the instant results of the movies... :-)

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