Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Creativity Takes Courage" Henri Matisse

Dream of Life Constructed by Tina Oloyede
Dream of Life Constructed

Well, it's taken me a few days building up the courage to create my first post here - so here goes!

First - thank you to Terry and Tim for setting this blog up, and hello to my fellow contributors - I have to say I feel somewhat in awe of the fractal lineage represented here, and honoured to have been invited to join!

I already know some of you well, and others only vaguely - but here is a short introductory bio for those who don't know me:

I'm Tina Oloyede, 41 and live in Shropshire, UK, with my family. By profession I am a doctor and have been into fractal art since 1999, my introduction to it having come via
Doug Harrington's work. I have dabbled with many programs including Tierazon, Sterlingware, Apophysis and Xenodream but now almost exclusively use Ultra Fractal. My fractal motivation is primarily as an artist as I have no maths or programming abilities - my work can be seen on my website here. I write a great deal in my head but usually find it hard to put pen to paper!

My most recent fractal activity has been to do the first two of Janet Parke's Ultra Fractal courses at the Visual Arts Academy, which have proved to be excellent. The image I've posted here is my final piece of homework on the masking course, inspired by Henri Matisse.

Ok - that's enough about me!


Blogger peapodgrrl said...

Welcome, Tina!

As you already know, I've loved your work from the first time I laid eyes on it. You may be a doctor, but you also heal with your wonderful art. I snoop around Aartika! once in a while to see what you've been up to, and I am never disappointed.



8/12/2006 5:00 PM

Blogger aartika said...

Thank you, Mindy!

8/13/2006 4:06 PM


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