Friday, August 04, 2006

Fractal Forgery

The Mysterious Conjunction (1999)

I feel like a fraud. I haven't created any fractal art in ages, and these days other people are programming Apophysis. The image that I currently consider my best is almost seven years old.

That's one sixth of my entire life!

We all have our own "good old days". Fractally speaking, mine were 1999 on the Ultra Fractal mailing list, and later lording it over the Apophysis list in 2003. They were "good" because it was obvious that people liked what I was doing, and that's always nice to know.

At both of those times I was being very productive, and also not loath to put pen to paper (so to speak). So maybe there's a connection (or conjunction)...maybe by writing here regularly I'll be able to generate productivity elsewhere. Or maybe the productivity will be here...perhaps this will be a third career in fractals: fractal artist, fractal programmer, fractal commentator.

And commentary is something that seems to be missing in the fractal art scene. Fractal art is actually a very interesting phenomenon, deeply caught up in the paradigms of the early 21st century: computers and connectivity. There are many perspectives from which fractal art hasn't been examined. For instance, could it be considered naive art, or outsider art? And in what way is it one thing that can be considered globally like that?

I'm not saying I'm going to answer those questions (or even ask them), but I think this blog has potential as a forum where the "big" questions can be considered. And with any luck we'll all look back at the beginning of this blog as the "good old days".


Blogger Tim said...

As a newcomer to fractals (2002), I found it strange that there seemed to be so many fractalists online and yet so little talk about the artform.

And fractal art is definitely unexamined, in my opinion. Much of what you've said here I haven't seen anywhere else (although, maybe I've been unable to find those other places).

I particulary like your suggestion that fractal art may not be "one" thing. I see a number of styles or "refinements" taking shape, which is probably a sign that the artform is maturing.

Commentary, I think, which is really just reflection, will greatly help the creative process as it gives form and direction to people's thoughts which in turn gives them a clearer and more inspiring vision of what they can do.

I think a lot of fractalists and the fractal art genre in general, suffers from an identity problem because they're not sure how fractal art fits into the larger world of art. This makes them hesitant to promote themselves.

8/04/2006 1:16 PM


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