Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Raskh © 2006 Janet Parke
Based on an original image by Gilles Nadeau.

Recently, Gilles Nadeau invited me to play around with an image he created in 2004. For several reasons, I rarely tweak others' images. In most cases, I find it's almost impossible for me to alter someone else's work without imposing my style upon it.
I can always make changes, of course, but I would not presume that they are improvements over the original artist's vision for his work. But in this case, I believe that is what Gilles desired when he sent me the parameters – to see his image through my artistic eyes.

Gilles' original image was an 11-layer study of a tree. Rather than make drastic changes to his original layers (I only made small adjustments to the gradients of two layers, and changed just one layer's merge mode) or add additional elements to the image, my approach was to introduce nuance into the colors, textures, and tree structure through some extensive masking (eight additional mask layers). I also added three layers of discreet coloring, but in the end, one might say that my process was not so much adding to Gilles' image as it was taking subtle pieces away.

My version is definitely a derivative of Gilles' image, but he has graciously given me permission to post my version here and in my galleries.



Blogger Mary Thornton said...

Janet, this is a wonderful merging of styles! Your coloring is just exquisite. I have admired Gilles' art for quite some time and to see this tweak is an absolute delight. :)

10/04/2006 8:27 AM

Blogger John S. Meade said...

Checked in here this AM: when it was still dark in NJ... Then Skooter and I went outside to snoop (him) and watch the sunrise (me). Much to my surprise (yeah. right.) -- many of the same colors - similiar mist in the branches. When things like that happen it just adds so much more value to both events, now forever linked. And it is worth mentioning.

Here are some other interesting links between the text and the image I find remarkable.

"Raskh" led me to a Muslim poet devoted to Krsna (?? We need more energetic synthesizers like this fellow today). Krsna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Vishnu is one of three (Uh, "ways of knowing God" I guess... almost like the Catholic (Christian) trinity) the other two being Brahma and Shiva. A little discreet coloring of Shiva, bump it up or down a layer and you might get Brahma. We hide behind avatars in those instant messaging thingies -- masking out our true names all the time.

Oh yeah, the other cool thing (counting Da'ath [the expanse between Tiphareth and Kether]) there are eleven positions on the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Was all this (omnia res) "planned"?? Y'know what? Don't matter (as opposed to Dark matter, which does). It makes the skin tingle (me) just like snooping does (Skooter).

And it demonstrates (to me anyway, Skooter's got grass on his nose) that Art (the creation & appreciation of) and Life (the creation & appreciation of) can both be valid religious experiences... in any language (or frame of reference).

Now. go back and look for the numbers 2, 3, 8 and 11. (How so very Electric Company of me)

*Notice I refrained from using (the now famous), "I don't understand a lot of this stuff but Oh my, that >is< a nice tree!"

10/04/2006 8:46 AM

Blogger KPK said...

A beautiful image with your wellknown subtle coloring.

Nice to see this group of fractalists "blogging" :-)

10/05/2006 8:29 AM


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