Sunday, September 16, 2007

Win / win, Lose / lose - you choose

It has been with dismay that I have read the recent posts (and counter posts) regarding "that" fractal contest. It seems sad (and counter productive) to complain so much about so little!

I'd argue that "that" fractal contest can be seen as a win/win scenario. A bunch of people put together an exhibition every year and invite submissions. They are clear on the criterion and the process. They don't charge an entry fee. All it "costs" entrants is a bit of time to upload work that they have probably already produced, and would have produced with or without the contest.

In fact, for me as an artist, the contest provides the impetus to re-evaluate my past year's work and to try and choose the best / most appropriate submissions. Its a valuable exercise. Even if I don't win or get a special mention, I'm no worse off than I was before.

Lets put it this way

  • Life's not fair (get over it)

  • Life is too short to moan about "that" contest. Really. Get over it! Go and create some great art.

  • Art is subjective. What the contest panel chose may not be what you would choose. That's OK. They have put in the hard work of organising the contest, they get to decide what goes in.

  • The panel get to exhibit their work. They are probably not going to change their mind because two people disagree. Again, (sorry guys) - get over it.

At the end of a day, you can choose to find a way where everyone wins or you can gripe and moan so that everyone loses. I choose the "win/win" option. I like the contest, not only because I *might* at some point win it, but because it gives us all a great opportunity to evaluate our work, to see what others are doing and hopefully to become better artists.

If you've put up with me this far, you might enjoy these wallpapers.



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Pastel Diamonds

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Colour Wheel

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