Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes

The map above is a representation of where visitors to my fractal site are from, as tracked by Extreme over the past five years. Light gray shaded countries denote countries that have had at least one visitor logged while the darker grays indicate those without hits. About 70,000 visitors have been recorded so far. Now, that’s not very many hits when one considers the daily traffic at Google or eBay, but...

When I think about it, it’s still pretty amazing that at least a few people in diverse locales like Mongolia, Peru, Kenya, and Albania have seen my fractal art and know my name. Without the Internet, this wouldn’t be possible.

This thought was reinforced when one of my fractal images was selected to be shown at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid this past summer. People were actually waiting in line to get in and see the exhibited works. And I never even had to leave my home to create and submit the image – It was all done via the Web, the data sent over the wires and fibers and printed/framed thousands of miles away..

Our kids take the Web for granted. My teenage girls simply can’t imagine living life without it. Or without cell phones and ipods.. But for most of my life the Internet wasn’t around. Up through most of the Nineties, the odds of very many people beyond my personal friends and acquaintances knowing that I existed as an individual were virtually zero. So, the Internet has empowered my fifteen minutes of “fame”.

On the other hand, some things don't change. I spent today installing a new radiator in number one daughter’s car, with anti-freeze and transmission fluid dripping into my eyes and the usual resulting set of skinned knuckles. I did the same thing one Saturday back in ’77 with my ’68 Buick..

\\ How 'bout those Detroit Tigers?
\\\ Eliminated the mighty Yankees today..



Blogger Panny said...

It *is* amazing to see where one's visitors come from, and how they got to our sites. I chortle a lot when I see that several spelling-challenged teenagers get to see fractals by searching the term "no pannies" :)

10/08/2006 10:17 PM

Blogger John S. Meade said...

Somewhere on the net,(that's almost as good as 'It was a dark and stormy night') there used to be (and might be, still is) a chart of "fractal artists", who they are, what they call themselves*, where you can send fan-letters, and what programs they used, etc.

These days, like just only a moment ago, if you google "fractal artists" you only get 23,300 entries... I'm not about to go through the pile looking for the list. Google "lazy fractal artist" and you just might find me. -- but... NOT a lot of us out there, given the total sum of folks-who-do-some-sort-of-art.

I remember announcing to my family that I was "now a fractal artist" and received stares and glares ranging from "where did we go wrong" to "Ojeez, here we go again", to 'thats nice dear' (Grandmothers are great aren't they?)

And this year I'm gonna try real hard to get some sort of webpage presence going -- like I have for the last 25 years. See? I never even got around to inventing the goshdarned thing** much less get a presence on it.


*Can't remember, but that might have been back in my scufflin' days as "Starsnake Saintsin". -- Google that now, and get nuthin' but a "Did I mean 'Stars naked saints in'? So yeah, I googled THAT and got nuthin' too.

** Just like that hapless bloke on the telly holding up an inline skate and blathering, "I invented these years ago. But did I get a patent on it? Nooooooo... and now some other guy is fat, dumb, happy AND RICH!!!"***

*** Just kidding Al! U da man!

10/12/2006 8:32 AM


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